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  1. phreaked


    Sup gang! Anyone looking at Atlas? Seems to have a lot of big goals but overall the game looks very interesting.
  2. phreaked

    Very Sad News

    RIP Pine, miss you bud. S!
  3. phreaked


    Welcome to SG!
  4. phreaked

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Those are decent numbers, thanks guys SONORAN! SUP! :D Long time, how are you two doing?
  5. phreaked

    Where are my Orignal Planetsiders at?

    Here hehe Doing the family thing, got two kids now and more gray hair then I want. How about you and Mod, think last we talked it was Warhammer!
  6. phreaked

    Where are my Orignal Planetsiders at?

    Bought time you two showed up, I was about to go hunt yall down :D WELCOME BACK!!
  7. phreaked

    Planetside 2

    Time to get to work it seems DINGER! Sup bud Been a while!
  8. phreaked


    Come to the darkside! :D
  9. phreaked


    Yeah it was probably the LED giving the blue tint, the DELL has been found to do that to. Sort of a down side to LED in general Unless you go with an RGB LED but those are crazy expensive. I had to return my first IPS236v due to a crazy green highlight in the top right hand corner, shocking it made it through QA (LG has crap QA from what I read, downside). I played the gamble on the return in hopes of getting something better and I did, the second monitor is perfect. No color bleeds and no backlight bleeds.
  10. phreaked


    I just got the LG IPS236V a few weeks ago and I LOVE it. Its an LED IPS panel which are finally dropping down to consumer level prices, got it at bestbuy on sale for $229. I looked at the Dell U2311H too but it was a bit more then I wanted to spend. From what I remember reading the DELL and LG monitors both used the same eIPS panels.
  11. phreaked

    Planetside 2

    Hell yes we are playing Planetside 2!