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  1. tface

    Wiesel's Birthday

  2. tface

    Planetside 2

    We are going into PS2 hard like......okay well I think we will just stop there. Its getting so much attention internally...umm....Lets just say it will rival PS1's launch ;) So yeah we are going to be hitting it hard. I think it'll blow PS1's launch away.
  3. tface

    Planetside 2

    Awww.... Mossie was my favorite. Nothing like darting in, shooting down a couple of slow ass reavers, and then burning through the trees to repair.
  4. http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifehack/over-100-quick-and-easy-healthy-foods.html

    check this out, may help to have more tasteful ideas than you told me last night!

  5. tface

    Yes, SG will be in Planetside Next

    God, I hope not. Consoles invariably dumb down FPS games, and it would probably worse than usual for Planetside Next considering the original Planetside was such an intricate and large scale game. Though... :D If they do release on PC and PS3, I hope the console users and PC users are on the same servers. I would love to demolish the console guys.