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  1. bkngt


    I finally was able to create a working account. bkngt989 Took a few days to get acclimated and not insta-gibbed by a camping sniper...
  2. bkngt

    Very Sad News

    Dang. That sucks. I'd have shown up for the funeral if I had known. I drove the Suburban that shuttle everyone around for the Atlanta shoot. A couple pics from that day. That was on 01/22/2005. Oddly exactly 13 years ago today.
  3. bkngt


    Hey guys, checked the forums for the first time in ages. I tried to install the free to play version. never worked for me. Played with SG through world of tanks until my work schedule and the portal commander's focus on winning interfered with my availability. Still looking for the next 'something'...