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  1. PoBoy

    Very Sad News

    Another gone to soon. Sorry to hear of Pine's passing. S!
  2. PoBoy

    Wiesel's Birthday

    Wiesel's 10th anniversary of his death came and went this year, but Monday was his birthday and Saturday was my grandfathers birthday they died exactly one month apart. So I took the family out to DFW Veteran's cemetery to visit my brother (Bill - Wiesel) who was a tank driver in Desert Storm and my grandfather who was a fighter pilot in Korea even though we was officially in WWII he wasn't through training before the fighting was over, but I thought I would share as I know there is some old krusties here that remember our time in WWIIOnline and Planetside before cancer took him at 35. S! Erik
  3. PoBoy

    Hello from the past

    Haven't been around in a long time. Been hanging out with our old allies from several games at OTG (Old Timers Guild) as well as getting my ability up from keyboard and mouse to Xbox controllers to play the latest Battlefields and such. I know a lot of you remember Weisel, just an update his son graduated last year with a 4.0 in High School, and is the process of his first year through college. It's been a rough go for him this year, but he is doing much better now I think. It's always a shock to completely change your way off life and HS to College will definitely do that to you. Happy Holidays and Cheers! Sincerely, Poboy