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  1. Pburg

    Wiesel's Birthday

  2. Pburg


    Oh those were the days..WWIIOL
  3. Pburg


    I did not know this game was even getting mentioned in the Portal anymore
  4. Pburg


    Can you elaborate? The game mechanics they designed (HC & TOE aspects) eroded player freedom and reduced the game to everyone fight in a box. This in turn took the squads, leadership personas, variance in gameplay options and the majority of what people found to be fun in the game away with it. When you add years of those mechanics never being changed, poor dev choices with the little resources they had and a complete lack of understanding their own product, you get to call yourself an mmopg that has 100 people on the server during peak these days. While the product and resources were never going to get blizzard type subscriber numbers, it certainly had the potential to have 10x the people playing it today had it chosen some different paths. They spent their last big dev effort years ago on making a cod version of the game called rapid assault. That was a complete flop to say the least and completely showed how disconnected they are from ever developing a game people would want to play. COD type players do not want to play with shit lag/those graphics and ww2 online players didnt want some sand box sim. Who's buying that pos? Anyway, the game was great long ago and most likely will never be salvaged until someone comes along and tries again So true
  5. Pburg


    What kind of samsung was it and how did it "Blow Up" ? Synchmaster 226BW.....Well it didn't blow up...the problem with it is that on startup it is black for about 10 minutes then it spends another 60 minutes flickering at light speed then it slowly slows down and finally gives a normal screen...I just don't want to wait 90 minutes for my monitoer to "warm up"
  6. Pburg

    Planetside 2

    What is Planetside..:P....Bring back WWIIOL....blahhhhh
  7. Pburg


    Hey all long time I have a question. My monitor just blew up so I need a new one.....My old one was a Samsung LCD 2e inch...I am trying to decide on another LCD or go to the LED...Any suggestions on a good mid priced monitor in the 23-25 in range...might go bigger if you have a good suggestion...Thanks Pburg S!
  8. Pburg


    Anybody in SG playing WWII OL anymore..? I was thinking about trying it again for ols times sake.