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    The Netherlands, Huisduinen
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    Anything that can catch fire!

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  1. Solex


    Hi all, I just popped in to say hi.. Hi!
  2. Solex

    IP.Board or Talkatap App

    +1 for Tapatalk on my Ipad! Would be nice to have that.
  3. Solex

    KSP - Kerbal Space Program

    Get it while you can for this price! ========================================= http://kerbaldevteam.tumblr.com/post/52883136271/on-the-fence-about-starting-your-very-own-space On the fence about starting your very own space program? KSP is 33% off this weekend and this weekend only on Steam! Get online and grab it today, Sale ends on Monday 10 AM Pacific Time! http://store.steampowered.com/app/220200/ =========================================
  4. Solex

    KSP - Kerbal Space Program

    Bought it last week, 22 euros at steam. Its a great indie game, tons of mods.
  5. Solex

    Hello Old Friends

    Eyy! PS2 is nice and free to play, Join us buddy!!
  6. Solex

    Where are my Orignal Planetsiders at?

    Its free to play 8)
  7. Solex

    Up the creek without a portal

    Iracing is the best racing service out there!! Cant afford to much gaming at the moment..
  8. Solex

    <peeks head in> "Hai guis!"

    Heya siggie! Planning on playing ps2 with us?
  9. Solex

    Where are my Orignal Planetsiders at?

    THINK .. ?? Just resub! PS2
  10. Solex

    A Brother's Revenge

  11. Solex

    Looking good SG..

    Yeah, I played with your account for a year or two..
  12. Solex

    What's up Sturmgrenaider?!

    Heya! welcome to our forums, the public part is not very much visited! Hope to seeya in Planetside 1/2 soon 8)
  13. Solex

    Looking good SG..

    Just PM Lostlogic, the skillz of an admin are truely amazing 8) Is this THE nightfreak of eve-online? Welcome back, PS2 is going to be awsome!
  14. Solex


    Kool! You get to sing 'the wheels on the bus' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEtuXrV_KnM