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  1. johnsnow

    How do you take/make your tea?

    We have a local company here called the Tea Guys who make excellent loose leaf mixs and charge a decent price if you go to their factory store. Currently enjoying a coconut lemongrass chai they have. They cycle their flavors pretty regularly so it helps from getting bored of any one kind of tea, helping me get rid of my soda addiction
  2. johnsnow

    Very Sad News

    I'm sitting here devastated, he was a great friend and we spent a lot of time together back in the PS1 days and in many games since. I'm so sorry for your family's loss Quint. He was a great man.
  3. johnsnow

    Where are my Orignal Planetsiders at?

    Lot of great folks on that list, many of them are still here
  4. johnsnow

    Planetside (One) Peeps

    Good to hear from you Vis! (Johnsnow here) Hope to see you back in SG someday
  5. Ahoy there matey

    Got my founders pack (Explorer) ready to go for landmark.

  6. johnsnow

    KSP - Kerbal Space Program

    The demo sold me, picking it up today
  7. johnsnow

    I miss all of you so so much :(

    If you are going to the one on Collier they are infamous, I go out to Wiregrass in Wesley Chapel from time to time and grabbed a pie on my way through. Boy did I regret that. Tons of stores down that way, I hear the gas station ones are not well liked. And yea Carrolwood to Macdill is gnarly, right down the middle of the heaviest traffic.
  8. johnsnow

    I miss all of you so so much :(

    It is really nice, It has it's rough parts like any other but we bought a house in a nice community near some good schools for when our little guy gets old enough. I run the local domino's and will eventually franchise somewhere around here. I'm techincally in the Trinity neighborhood which is it's own little spot. Nice being near Clearwater and St.Pete for all sorts of events. Tampa is a pretty sweet area.
  9. johnsnow

    I miss all of you so so much :(

    Ah Trinich, isn't Tampa great? I moved to New Port Richey about 2 years ago :P And yes MoP is bleh but I've enjoyed it. We have a pretty steady LoL group you could come back for that!
  10. johnsnow

    Where are my Orignal Planetsiders at?

  11. johnsnow

    Well Holy Shit

    I miss saying your name
  12. johnsnow

    Star wars old republic

    Yep Planetside 2 is slated for possibly late this year or next,no one really knows right now. The 3 empires look to stay in place but all details are sketchy right now.
  13. johnsnow

    Star wars old republic

    Yea we are, I kind of wondered if you might wander past.