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  1. allbad


    i've always been sad that I missed this game and the formation of SG.
  2. allbad

    How do you take/make your tea?

    mug of water 2 minutes in the microwave and dunk a bag of English Breakfast in it for a couple of minutes. no sugar/milk/etc. But.... this rare occassion. I typically drink coffee black instead.
  3. allbad

    Necro game info

    Most memorable hardcore experience with EQ1: lvl 28 cleric: couldn't find a group because lvl 29 gets rez so I decide to go exploring Guk since the Frogloks are neutral to me. I go all the way down, enter lower Guk only to be attacked by a named froglok. Luckily I made it back to Upper Guk but got killed by the nearest froglok who is now agroing me. Re-entered Upper Guk in my jammies only to be pummeled by every froglok in sight. It took me nearly 2 hours to get my stuff back and had to recruit a lvl 60 to help pull my corpse to the entrance. Then there's the time I waited 2 hours in line to get a crack at the trainer for his shield drop. Ahh, good times.
  4. allbad

    How do you take your coffee?

    same here. less opportunity to disappoint
  5. allbad

    Post your pet peeve

    I alternated a bag of peas and blueberries all weekend after my vasectomy. Served them for dinner when my boss and her husband came over the following week.
  6. allbad

    Hello from Apex

    Friday Night Ops in Planetside 2 is a really fun way to get to know some of the regulars and see how SG does things. You don't have to worry about being a top-notch player, we welcome all skill levels with the caveat that you are able to follow the team and listen to commands. We accomplish our goals as as team and everyone, even those new to a game have a great time.
  7. allbad

    Hello Old Friends....

    Same story here, Darktalon.... I played with SG on PS1 for a year back in '03 and dropped off for 10 years. Most of the people are different, but we're still the same ole' bad-ass outfit we were back then. Welcome back!