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  1. PrometheusXLs

    [DND] Darkfall: New Dawn

    Hello everybody - Free Trial Incoming
  2. PrometheusXLs

    [DND] Darkfall: New Dawn

    Hello Folks hello Sturmgrenadier, i am here just to inform you for the upcoming release of Darkfall New Dawn. The original Online MMORPG was released in 2009. After a sequal Darkfall Unholy Wars, the Greek Studio Aventurine decided to close DF Unholy Wars and give licence of DFO to a new, well skilled Studio based in France (Paris) Ub3rgames. Now Darkfall New Dawn is at the InDevPeriod and will be released at the 26th January 2018. Darkfall New Dawn is a free open world pvp mmorpg with full-loot system, racialwars, local-banksystem, fastpath-non-tabtarget-system with localmarkets land and navaltraderoutes, naval battle with ships, player-cities, Freeform progression character , Sandbox economy . A skill system where you just skill what you do. It would be a pleasure to welcome you at the game, LordEcon from Seek&Destroy www.darkfallnewdawn.com https://darkfallnewdawn.com/game-info/
  3. PrometheusXLs

    Darkfall: New Dawn

    Hello Sturmgrenadier Members, i am not a part of your Gaming Society but want you inform. That Darkfall Online - got reactivated. 2 Project fighting current eachother. The one which follows Aventurines Version - and the other which follows the original way of Darkfall Online by Razorwax. Darkfall: New Dawn goes back to the roots. All informations you need you can find on the following link: https://darkfallnewdawn.com/ https://darkfallnewdawn.com/what-is-darkfall-new-dawn/ Ub3rgames the Studio behind Darkfall New Dawn got the Licence of the latest Darkfall Online Version from the year 2012. So alot need to be changed. Right now - till the 15th August its totally free to play (nothing to pay!) - after the 15th DND will change in the InDevPeriod (which will be 6-9months) Sturmgrenadier - Online -Syndicate played Darkfall Online from 2009-2010 i guess. So it would be very nice to see some of you back in Darkfall Try it, no risk. dx11 still in progress - with localbanksystem, racialwars, caravansystem, society system, naval battles, kingdom creation, large scale warfare. Edit: and of course - FULL - LOOT and FPS Combat see you - be prepaired!