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  1. Tegran

    Expired Forum Security Certificate

    All fixed now, apologies. Renewal should now be automatic thanks to https://letsencrypt.org/
  2. Tegran

    If anyone talks to Tegran

    Was already fixed
  3. Tegran

    Old Friend looking for access

    Just go ahead and apply to join again mentioning your background.
  4. Tegran

    Looking for Ami

    Hi, Click Here to send her a Private Message.
  5. Tegran

    Hello Old Friends....

    Hi Darktalon, If you wish to reapply as a returning member then please fill in an application and mention your previous experience: https://www.sturmgrenadier.org/Apply/PS2
  6. Tegran

    Hello from Animosity

    I sent her a PM with a link to your post.
  7. Tegran

    ESO Aplication

    I'm sorry but the interview over comms is a mandatory step in the application process. We wish you luck in finding another guild that will better suit your requirements.
  8. Tegran

    Looking good SG..

    Hi, PM me if you need to discuss changing your forum name.
  9. Tegran

    Hi everyone, this is Arktype

    Hi Arktype, Make sure you've filled in an application form, link is here.
  10. Tegran

    GuildWars 2

    We haven't announced an official portal for GW2 but it's one of the games we're watching closely and we do have people interested in playing it. If the game lives up to expectations and it proves popular enough we will obviously consider upgrading its status.
  11. Tegran

    acquiring membership bug

    PM Sent.
  12. Tegran

    Membership issue

    Send me a PM, Relentless.
  13. Tegran

    Cannot log into account

    PM Sent.
  14. Tegran

    Tech help with email

    PM Sent.