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Everything posted by slav

  1. slav

    S Novim godam!!! =D

    Couldn't find a post on forums where everyone wishes Happy New Year, so here's one. P.S. if there is one take mine down
  2. slav

    Free Shadow Warrior 2

    https://www.gog.com/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20181004_nl_10th_Anniversary_EN&utm_content=20181004_nl_10th_Anniversary_EN+Version+A+CID_d51001ab5074e9a38f3fa059aa1469e4&utm_source=newsletter_cm&utm_term=REDEEM GIVEAWAY GAME or if that link doesn't work just go to gog.com (making an account is free) and you should see it there
  3. slav

    SWTOR - Free Expansion's

    Hey all. Last couple weeks I've seen some people play Star Wars the Old Republic. So thought i might see what changed and stumbled upon this. http://www.swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20171023?intcmp=sor_bwa-mkt-t-us-lp-204 "REVANRETURNS" This code offers you access to the first two story expansions, Rise of the Hutt Cartel (Level 51 – 55) and Shadow of Revan (Level 56 – 60), so you can play the story free from Level 1 – 60!
  4. slav

    SWTOR - Free Expansion's

    Sorry to bother you but any news on that link?
  5. slav

    SWTOR - Free Expansion's

    Btw anyone still a subscriber? If yes. Have a referral link for me?
  6. slav

    SWTOR - Free Expansion's

    Oh yea i forgot to mention about that one because it gave me an error.
  7. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/killing-floor?hmb_campaign=killingfloor_freegame_2017&hmb_source=bundle_page&hmb_medium=banner_cross