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  1. Staticblack

    You guys still around? ;)

    Mandrik... I think our internal clocks are set to each other... was thinking about SG recently as well, decided to see if the ole login still worked. Hope those beautiful tykes born on my birthday are doing well
  2. Staticblack

    Planetside 2

    Well does any one have the complete full file? Gives me the itch...must not scratch....must not.....put the cone of shame on me! If someone has an FTP or something else I can get access to, I can upload some old favorites Nostalgia took over and i found all my old recordings and movie files I had scattered through old backup drives etc. Sorry ToStev, no full file of MOMCOO that I have found yet. I do have the leak and the trailer though. I also have the old audio file favorites "WEB...SHHHHH" "Yomm calling someone a candy ass" and the original Static Wheels on the bus file ;) The movies are a lot of the old recruitment stuff, the Vyrus Doctrine video and fan stuff of SG... If someone wants to host it I will upload it all (assuming the old crusties want to see it) Staticblack Edit: forgot mandrik hosted a few already http://mandrik.com/etc/SG/staticblack/webshhhhh.mp3 - WebSHHH http://mandrik.com/etc/SG/staticblack/ohspoon.mp3 - Vyrus - OH Spoon! http://mandrik.com/etc/SG/staticblack/Yomm.mp3 - Yomm - Your a candy ass http://mandrik.com/etc/SG/staticblack/tostevfamilymatters.mp3 - ToStev singing Family matters http://mandrik.com/etc/SG/PS/vyrustrueself.mp3 - oh yeah and my favorite Vyrus recording Edit 2: Found my full copy of MOMCOO btw
  3. Staticblack

    Planetside 2

    Go crawl back under that rock you came out from. Bitch. And here I am.... quoting the great Yomm all these years in my sig... FOR SHAME!! with that said... Im sorry Mr Yomm sir... please don't make me sing again P.S. ::bump:: ;)
  4. Staticblack

    Planetside 2

    You ever find Pimp? Freakin aye... Im beginning to believe he was lost at sea or some other gruesome fate...
  5. Staticblack

    Planetside 2

    Mother of god its Static! Nothing like the talk of Planetside 2 to bring out the old crusties
  6. Staticblack

    Planetside 2

    QFT! Hopefully revise it so it centers around the true winners of the battle... and by true, everyone knows means STINGER!! ;)