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  1. Beyond Dark

    I gave it a sign up. Looks interesting.
  2. Glasses

    I use GlassesUSA.com and have for a while now. Can generally get a decent pair if you're not too picky about the frames for under $100. They have regular deals too if you sign up for their email list. Often can get regular and then sunglasses of the same frame for less than you would find normally at an optical store.
  3. SWTOR - Free Expansion's

    Sorry for the delay, got distracted by Destiny 2 yesterday >.< http://www.swtor.com/r/MRbVvm There ya go!
  4. SWTOR - Free Expansion's

    I'm currently a subscriber but am at work at the moment so can't log into the website for my referral code. I can drop it here for you tomorrow morning though.
  5. SWTOR - Free Expansion's

    Not to mention you can use the code KOTORSPEEDER for a speeder as well!
  6. Hello, and question

    Hi there Ambro! I see no one has responded yet, to your thread at least, so I'll take up the mantle and respond with what I know at least to give you an idea if you are still wondering. SG is Horde on Bleeing Hollow, a PvP server, so I doubt to see them go play pansy Alliance characters anytime soon (no offense intended since all of my main characters are Alliance on a PvE server :lol: ) But either way I'm sure there are a lot of people that may be playing WoW but not with SG that are still in SG that may reach out to you. As far as BF1 goes, I know there are a few people interested at the moment and I'm sure closer to launch we may get more. I personally am greatly looking forward to it and hoping to get a regular squad or two going if possible to spend as much time on the battlefield (no pun intended) building teamwork and strategy to dominate. Hope that answers your questions!
  7. nVidia Order of 10 contest

    I clicked on the first challenge and started crying from my brain hurting... think I missed the cutoff date anyhow lol
  8. Diablo 3 Season 6 Stream/ Pre-Party

    Damn work spoiling my possible fun once again!