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    Kenosha , Wisconsin
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    Games I play WoT , WoWP , WoWS , DayZ , ARK Survival , Hero's and Generals , Star Citizen , Arma 3 .and few years of wow under the belt , EVE

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  1. woofman34

    WOT Clan Combat

    We will be having clan combat every Saturday at 9pm central time until we call it .
  2. woofman34

    Portal Meeting

    We will be having a Portal Meeting on Tuesday June 12 , at 7:30 PM Central time all members of all tank clans are encouraged to attend . We will be discussing officer changes and new opportunities.
  3. woofman34

    Gofundme for gino's daughter

    Posted Tuesday at 06:53 PM (edited) I know I haven't been around for a few weeks and I am not sure when or if I will return to the game. I am going through a difficult time. http://www.warrencountysheriff.org/general-information/press-releases/37-home/general-information/media-releases/1033-sarah-rose-genari-may-10-2018 You can read her story and listen to her beautiful voice in the linked video. https://www.gofundme.com/sarah-rose-genari-memorial-fund Gino_G (Micro_Aggression) Edited Tuesday at 06:54 PM by gino
  4. woofman34

    The NEW World of TANKS

  5. woofman34

    The NEW World of TANKS

    Completely new game , they have made changes to graphic engine , they changed every map , fun and exciting . outstanding scenery . game play completely different . JUST DO IT !
  6. woofman34

    The NEW World of TANKS

    Down load https://worldoftanks.com/en/game/download/
  7. woofman34

    McNuggets are serious business

    WOW , somebody needs hazard pay
  8. woofman34

    Warframe? Better than Destiny2

    So I recently watched a video blackwell68 posted about Warframe and decided to give it a go . I must say it is a really great game . The graphics are stunning , the game play is easy to learn and fun . I have begun a new journey into a new favorite . This game is free to play , I have not found one thing that needs to be paid for to enjoy this game . So I thought would post this here because not many visit the unofficial section . So check it out I know you will be pleased you did .
  9. woofman34

    WOT PVP Holloween Event

    World of tanks is a free to play game https://worldoftanks.com/en/game/download/ The game provides free tier 8 tanks/crews for this event We will be doing count ins at the start of muster 7:30 Central time . Choose Your Vehicle Two long lost warriors, Franken and Stein, are summoned from the afterlife by the imminent threat of the Apocalypse. These two don’t need extra equipment to carry the battle. Sporting several turrets each (because drastic times call for drastic measures), they can punch just as hard as their ghostly enemies if you play to their strengths. They come with ghostly Crews that fear nothing and have nothing left to loose, which gives them a chance to defeat Leviathan. Franken is your go-to if you prefer to snap shots from a distance. Its high damage can be used with its speed to fire while ducking in and out of cover. Find a safe spot and mow down enemies left and right! And should worst come to worst, you have an outstanding gun to blast your way out of a few sticky situations. If you can’t wait to get up close and personal with Leviathan, consider taking a spin with Stein. Best described as a damage sponge, this wielder of two turrets is mobile and has a better power to weight ratio than Franken, plus lots of hit points to get you through fierce close encounters. FRANKEN Franken shines at long ranges. Fitted with two accurate and devastating guns, it doesn’t toy with enemies—it picks targets from afar and takes them out before they even see it coming. If you’d like to take it slow and learn all the ins and outs of its multi-turret playstyle before jumping into the heat of the battle, Franken might be just the vehicle for you. Both its guns are mounted in its frontal projection, making it easy to adjust to new mechanics. STEIN Enjoy fighting at close range? Then go for Stein. The combo of thick armor, fast-firing guns, and impressive mobility gives it a very strong edge in close-quarter duels, allowing you to drill a few shots into an enemy before they reload and you can retreat to safety unscathed. Stein’s equipped with a rear-facing gun. This means you have to turn the tank so that both its guns can fire at the enemy, which might be tricky at first. However, once you get used to it, you’ll have no problem rolling around and causing havoc. You’ll have both these tanks in your Garage for this event. Pick which one to play, then choose to face Leviathan’s forces in a PvE mission, or play test new vehicles in a 15v15 PvP battle. With a team of multi-turreted tanks, friendly fire can become a game-changer, so it’s disabled in the PvE mode to prevent ruining the fun. Enjoy Franken and Stein’s full firepower with no fear of accidentally destroying a few teammates! Important: Ghostly Crews are tied to their vehicles: you can’t send them to the Barracks or retrain them for other tanks. To keep you focused on the main conflict, we also disabled Crew training for Free XP for event tanks. Training them is an empty gesture anyway, as they return to the underworld on November 9 (along with Franken and Stein).
  10. woofman34

    World of Warplanes 2.0 remade and reset ×

    If you are a current SG community member and would like to join one of our in-game clans PM one our officers in World of Tanks Portal There is no official Portal so you won.t need to switch If you are not a current member apply https://www.sturmgrenadier.org/Apply/ Officers wot blackwell68 woofman34 maddog090 shasowstalker82 whitetemplar
  11. News World of Warplanes version 2.0 is now available October 11, 2017 John Papadopoulos Leave a comment Wargaming has announced the launch of World of Warplanes version 2.0. This massive overhaul includes core gameplay changes and an all-new game mode. In addition, it comes with completely revised warplane types and parameters, a highly-demanded Bomber class, and more. Furthermore, World of Warplanes version 2.0 introduces the Conquest mode. This is a steep turn from dominating in team deathmatch to achieving tactical superiority over a land area divided into key sectors. In this mode, the well-coordinated efforts of a team consisting of several different warplane classes determines the outcome of a battle. Each class has been redefined to fulfill specific roles in combat, with highly distinguished advantages and disadvantages. Finally, the aircraft fleet welcomes Bombers, a long-awaited class that will have specific objectives in every battle. Enhanced dynamics have been one of the player requirements. Therefore, we are happy to report that World of Warplanes version 2.0 addresses them with the respawn system. This system allows pilots to re-enter the battle and contribute to their team’s victory. Last but not least, World of Warplanes version 2.0 introduces manual control of your rear gunner, new bombsight view, and onboarding armament reloading. Andrew Zhugar, World of Warplanes Publishing Director, said: “We’re proud to share the results of the hard work our team has done. Every enhancement, every change was implemented through tense discussions with our devoted community. It’s them who made it possible to prepare and launch Update 2.0.” In order to celebrate this release, Wargaming released a new trailer for this brand new version of World of Warplanes, and you can watch it below. Enjoy!