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  1. Portal Meeting


    will be there
  2. Beyond Dark

    same i signed up as well
  3. Starcraft?

    I have SC2 but the origianl disks anymore so the remastered needed the original game hit me up havent played in a very long time
  4. 2017 Top Grossing Games

    3 years ago World of tanks was in the top 3 how the mighty have fallen
  5. Second week of the Steam Summer Sale!

    Shadow of MOrder so far is my favorite atm
  6. WOT Blitz Beta Weekend

    signing up now
  7. Hey guys

    Some of us are playing Ark:survival Evolved with the Primitive + dlc also
  8. World of Tanks Academy

    Kingtiger255 did you respond to the email sent to you in the email address you registered with...? the Head RO is usually on after 2100 Est each nite ... Will Let him Know you are awaiting your Interview Sorry its taking so Long to get back to you
  9. How do you take/make your tea?

    i make my tea in my coffee machine and only take Sweetner in my Team ( milk makes it taste gross to me ( or i use brown sugar instead ))
  10. How do you take your coffee?

    Xl 2 creme 1 sweetner ( Tim hortons for the win)
  11. CoC Meeting

    SteelRain Syndicate Training Officer PipPipPipPipPipPipPipPipPipPipPipPip Syndicate Command PM this member Posts: 2788 Joined: 22-November 12 Primary Portal A Code of Conduct class will be held on Saturday 3/5/16 @ 2100EST This is the only class required by SG and all members are expected to attend within approximately 30 days of joining SG. All are welcome to attend if you think you need a refresher.
  12. RIP David Bowie

  13. Expired Forum Security Certificate

    tyvm for the update SlayerSG
  14. How do you take your coffee?

    Whitner plus 1 Sweetner at xmas time i subsitute my whitner for Eggnog instead
  15. Post your pet peeve

    My pet peeve is abled bodied people parking in disabled parking spaces just because it is closer to the door ..... not cool at all I am a disabled person and when i see that i get so mad about it because it designated for disabled people yet ... excuses i get are " i'll only be a minute .... So what or my fave "FU" i belong to a group where i live and we post pictures of people who cant park properly in parking lots .... so that is my pet peeve