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    Things & stuff. Hunting, fishing, etc. Survival/sim FPS, TBS, air/naval sims.

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  1. Anyone still messing with this? I follow it on Steam & get a lot of updates for it, so I get the impression it's still being worked on.
  2. obedmarsh

    a lesson in Australian music

    Big fan of some of the Aussie garage/punk like The Saints & more recently the various stuff I've heard from the Young Brothers (ECSR/TotalControl)
  3. obedmarsh

    I'll be surprised if I can top my last game [MWO]

    Still looking for my first 1000 dmg game. So close..
  4. obedmarsh

    Flight Simmers?

    I've been playing War Thunder. Seems like it has fewer real money power-up things available. I like the MWO-style "Premium Time" model where spending money only speeds the grind up a bit or gets you early access to new content.
  5. obedmarsh

    Best Steam Game Ever! Spermination

    Warning: NSFL http://store.steampowered.com/app/359050/?snr=1_7_7_151_150_1
  6. obedmarsh

    Post your pet peeve

    I'll add folks who speed up when you try to pass. You tryna kill me, or what?
  7. obedmarsh

    Tabletop Simulator

    I thought this sounded great for Mordheim.. Then Mordheim got its own game. I've been playing that, but would be down for other TT games. What kind of assets does it have? Small games of Warhammer Fantasy/40k might be fun. Car Wars.. BFG.. Flames of War.. Classic dungeon-crawler type D&D campaign would also be cool but that'd need to be played out over a few sessions at least. Not opposed to that depending on when/how often but Mordheim seemed ideal because you can finish a game in an hour or two and it still has the campaign/rpg stuff. tl ; dr: I'm in.