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Everything posted by blackwell68

  1. blackwell68

    Strongholds Wargames - Event

    Strongholds Wargames If we get a team we will participate.
  2. blackwell68

    Clan Wars Opening Day

    First night of Clan Wars - Tier X only.
  3. blackwell68

    WoT Stronghold Advances

    Every Saturday 8 to midnight Eastern we will host Strongholds, tier dependent on participation. All are welcome No clan tags required, or even other clan tags are acceptable.
  4. blackwell68

    WoT Corner Fighting

    Heavy Tank Corner Fighting Tier 8 heavies battle it out over a corner. 1v1 and 2v2 Coaching included. All are welcome.
  5. you can contact me to go to SG3, when your cooldown is over.

  6. Hi,

    Heard that you might be interested helping out with SG-A.

    We are looking for someone to lead and guide them.

    If I heard right and you are interesed let me know.