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    I finally was able to create a working account. bkngt989 Took a few days to get acclimated and not insta-gibbed by a camping sniper...
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  4. Very Sad News

    Rest In Peace brother.

    They are doing a welcome back event again. Old players get access again until October 14th.
  6. Free Shadow Warrior 2

    https://www.gog.com/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20181004_nl_10th_Anniversary_EN&utm_content=20181004_nl_10th_Anniversary_EN+Version+A+CID_d51001ab5074e9a38f3fa059aa1469e4&utm_source=newsletter_cm&utm_term=REDEEM GIVEAWAY GAME or if that link doesn't work just go to gog.com (making an account is free) and you should see it there
  7. Locked out of forums.

  8. Locked out of forums.

    I've fixed it for you I'll chat with the others and figure out the root cause!
  9. Locked out of forums.

    I let my membership expire but renewed quickly. Been locked out. Notified Tegran have not received a response.
  10. WWIIOL

    LONG lost Opel driver reporting in, I still remember 48 inf being throw from my Opel back 2004ish, I also remember the time we simo-cap Brussels and Antwerp in about a 60sec span, once the Go order was given. But took about 90mins to setup, Sneaking infantry into near by building for all the flags. A Few weeks later table Timers came out. Wolf74 retired Opel driver. (and too poor for pay to play games) Sorry Slithis did not get your message until a few day before this post. (he try to message me in April) (Edit) P.S. Oh wow the Old signature is still here.
  11. WWIIOL

    I ran into Herrlabe playing a panzer tank in Heroes & Generals. I promptly sapped him and sent him to Heaven. :D I later PM'd him in-game and he confirmed it was him from WWIIol SG. I never did see him playing H&G again. P.S. Heroes & Generals sucks now.... completely, and utterly, anti-Germany coded all the while adding more and more favoritism coding to its allied factions (U.S./Russia). Anyone play WWIIol recently? I only ask because I'm debating on whether or not to spend the cash on Post Scriptum.
  12. WOT Clan Combat

    We will be having clan combat every Saturday at 9pm central time until we call it .
  13. Portal Meeting


    will be there
  14. Portal Meeting

    We will be having a Portal Meeting on Tuesday June 12 , at 7:30 PM Central time all members of all tank clans are encouraged to attend . We will be discussing officer changes and new opportunities.
  15. WWIIOL

    Herrlabe! hehe
  16. Very Sad News

    I Pine for you.
  17. Very Sad News

    I recognize that hippy in the Porsche shirt! BK, I'm so glad you kept those photos! I wish we'd done that again in years following.
  18. Very Sad News

    Another gone to soon. Sorry to hear of Pine's passing. S!
  19. Gofundme for gino's daughter

    A tragic loss my thoughts and prayers are with the family.....
  20. Gofundme for gino's daughter

    Posted Tuesday at 06:53 PM (edited) I know I haven't been around for a few weeks and I am not sure when or if I will return to the game. I am going through a difficult time. http://www.warrencountysheriff.org/general-information/press-releases/37-home/general-information/media-releases/1033-sarah-rose-genari-may-10-2018 You can read her story and listen to her beautiful voice in the linked video. https://www.gofundme.com/sarah-rose-genari-memorial-fund Gino_G (Micro_Aggression) Edited Tuesday at 06:54 PM by gino
  21. Code of Conduct

    Code of Conduct Class will be conducted on Saturday May 19, 2018 @ 2100EST.
  22. The NEW World of TANKS

  23. Warframe? Better than Destiny2

    The time I put into it was quite enjoyable, especially considering you don't have to pay a cent for it. My time however has been consumed by monster hunter world. I just need to actually get back into something with my fellow SGers; it's been a while since I've been on TS.
  24. Code of Conduct

    SG Code of Conduct to be held on Wednesday May 2nd at 2000EST
  25. Warframe? Better than Destiny2

    I have several characters and loved the game since first time I played it. Especially for being a free game, it's very well made and plenty of updates keep you busy with things to do.
  26. WWIIOL

    Hey slithis! Long time bro
  27. WWIIOL

    Yo people's!!!! Here I come to bring back some memories lol. Wanna ride in my Opel?? Lol. The Slith is always around thought I'd drop a line.. Salute!!
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